Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ENCL and other projects?

ENCL is the national gateway to the libraries in UAE, it aims to enhance the cooperation between the Emirates libraries to support the libraries and information field on the national level to serve all members of the community, and all categories of libraries.

What is the benefit to the users of ENCL?

To save the users effort and time into moving between more site in order to searching for only one resource of information. With the existence of partnership between libraries the knowledge databases will be increasing.

What is the benefit to the Joined libraries in ENCL?

Enhance the cooperation between the Emirates libraries improve the cognitive services to their users through Investment experiences and the exchange of information between libraries and encourage the development of its technical processing also achieve the best use for the human resources and financial materials available to the catalog members.

How can libraries join to ENCL?

Libraries can join to ENCL through fill on the membership form and follow the joining steps in Join to us.

Is joining in ENCL limit for especially category of libraries?

Joining in ENCL available to all categories of libraries in UAE, which has an integrated system to manage their collections.

Is there Joining fee for ENCL?

There are no charges to the members for Joining in ENCL.