Project Idea

The rapid knowledge and information development during the last decades, the increase of the available information, and the variety of information sources has resulted in a qualitative and quantities mutation in the size of knowledge and information repository. This constitutes a big challenge for library systems in term of providing high quality services. The most important challenge is to facilitate information resources searching and make partnerships among libraries to increase the information and knowledge base.

The UAE has many libraries that provide their services to the different groups of readers and beneficiaries. Due to the development of technical and technological development in the information and library field in the country, the need for specialized human resources, and the importance of immediate financial and technical support to improve the knowledge content and information services, the Emirate National Libraries Catalogue is launched to raise the partnership level among UAE libraries. The ultimate goal is to provide a unified national electronic search interface as an initiative for national cooperation among libraries. This can be achieved through the development of mechanisms and search methods of the intellectual production available in the UAE libraries.